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If you’ve gotten tired of your mundane desk job and enjoy the ocean a little too much, maybe running a charter business is the right fit for you. Or if you’re simply just looking for a change of pace from a dull lifestyle it’s time for you to be your own boss. Regardless of why you want to start your own charter business, it’s a great way to make money, spend the day on the water, meet friendly new people and make good friends. And above all else, do what you love. It might sound like a fantasy right now but realizing that dream is not as hard as it sounds or as far off as it may seem. Here are some things you need to know before starting your boat charter business:

Making the purchase

Before you buy a boat, it is important that you check out the clientele in the area to help decide on the size and type of boat you want for your business. This is will prevent you from overspending on a boat that wouldn’t fit your business needs. If you buy a boat rather than to lease on, you will have the independence to use it as you please. But if you opt for leasing a boat, you will have to give up some freedom, but on the plus side, the company will have the responsibility of fixing the boat in case of accidents, which will save you the time and trouble spent on repairs. When buying a boat, it’s imperative that you obtain an insurance for it. Boats are quite prone to accidents and damages and having an insurance will definitely be useful in the long run. For example, property coverage will help you pay for repairs, pay for boat salvage Sydney Harbour in case of shipwreck or other maritime casualties and even help you get a replacement if the boat stolen.

The target market of your business will determine the type of boat you have and what kind of gear and accessories you will need for it. Chose a boat with enough seats for a sufficient number of people, while ensuring that it’s small enough to be cost effective. If your best boat om Mooring Sydney will be carrying families and other holidaymakers, having coolers for snacks and drinks will be a great idea. However, if you’re aiming to run a fishing-charter boat business, then you will have to buy bait tanks, fishing pole racks and other equipment necessary for fishing. Regardless of the type of business, all boats should be equipped with safety gear, this includes life vests, life rafts and a fire extinguisher.

Naming the business and getting a license

After you’ve decided the kind of business you’re going to run, you can choose an appropriate name for the business. And then you will have to register it, just like any other business. The person who’s driving the boat, be it you or someone else, will have to obtain a captain’s license in order to carry passengers.